Abbie – arrived June 2014

We are thrilled to report that Abbie found her forever home with her foster carer.

Below, we followed her progress when she arrived at WBR with a skin condition. Otherwise, she was a happy, playful pup. You can click on the photos for a larger view.

21 June

Abbie arrived into care with WBR.

abbie in pound Abbie 21 June

22 June

Abbie has been diagnosed with Demodex, a non-contagious, curable form of mange. Part of her treatment is a daily bath with medicated shampoo – thanks to Dermacare Vets. She isn’t a big fan, but seems to know it’s doing her good.

Abbie 22 June abbie skin care

24 June

Abbie 24 JuneAfter just a short time in foster care, not only is Abbie’s skin looking better but she is settling in wonderfully with her carer and family. Here, she is playing with a new toy, kindly donated by one of WBR’s supporters.


June 29
Abbie 29 JuneAbbie, our little girl has now been in care for 1 week. She is an incredible pup, has settled in beautifully at her foster home, has already made many furry pals, and, is displaying early signs of being an intelligent little girl.

We are already seeing a reduction in her scaling, and we will continue to work closely with our vet to ensure that her medication remains adjusted over the coming weeks while she grows.

Demodex is a curable condition with an outlook to complete recovery if managed correctly. Abbie deserves a life of spoiling after her tough little start to life, looks like she is on her way. We are so proud of her.

11 July

Abbie 11 JulyOur sweet girl Abbie has now been in care for three weeks. Abbie is coming along in leaps and bounds and is exactly where we would expect her to be at this point in her treatment.

We also need to take on board that she is still a pup, still requires her usual socialisation and training and has slotted in nicely with her foster family of four dogs, can now sit and drop, waits for food with the manners of a saint, and represents all of the temperaments of the working breeds we know and love. Abbie adores naps in laps and is breaking tonnes of hearts.

She’s just gorgeous. The first time I took her to the vet, people kept their distance. Last night a little girl said “look at that cute little puppy!” and gave her a pat” – Abbie’s foster carer

13 July

abbie 13 julyMonthly vet check. Abbie’s immune system is now able to accept first vaccination. Her Demodex skin scrape was positive as expected, but she is definitely improving. Her medication was adjusted to her weight gain of 1.5 kg!

14 July

Abbie 15 JulyAbbie, looking more and more like a typical, happy puppy.



17 July

abbie 19 JulyHere’s a glimpse of how beautiful Abbie will be.



20 July

Abbie shampoosAbbie now has her own shelf in her foster carer’s bathroom!



23 July

Abbie 23 July smilesAbbie’s treatment is going well and she is all smiles.



26 July

Abbie 26 JulyAbbie, 12kg exactly (maybe a tad over if you count the treats used to get this picture). Her skin condition has almost cleared up – there’s just a small spot on her face which is tricky to treat near her eye and a little on her legs to go. The rest looks great!

9 August

Abbie and Millie ute 9 AugAbbie’s skin continues to improve. Today she tried out the back of the ute for the first time.



10 August

Abbie 10AugustAbbie is so focussed on the ball, she hasn’t noticed she’s being followed.




14 August

abbie vet 14 AugOur little Abbie has received the all clear on her skin scrape. Thank you to her vets Dr Lauren and Dr Stuart at Park Ridge Animal Hospital who have overseen her care. Abbie has now completed her course of vaccines and as of today, is out of quarantine and clear.

We received this message and photo from her carer today:abbie 14 Aug

“Today is the best day ever!!! I am absolutely delighted. Abbie is clear!… I am so happy for her! Gotta go take her home. I am still at the vets but could not wait to share . Happy happy days!”

Needless to say, her carer is over the moon and tells us “Abbie has taken all her baths, medications and skin scrapes like a little trooper.” We think her carer is a trooper too – it’s her hard work and commitment that has made this possible.


Abbie is adopted by her foster carer. Happy life beautiful girl.