Working Breed Rehab (WBR) is a rescue group focusing on the working breeds – Cattle dogs, Kelpies, Border collies, Koolies, Maremmas, Shetland Sheepdogs, Aussie Shepherds and their crosses.

At WBR, we work hard to ensure the dogs we rehome not only go to great homes, but each dog is the best possible match for its new family.

Founded in June 2013, Working Breed Rehab is not just a rescue – we have the capacity to rehabilitate and retrain working dogs to rehome them.

We have strong partnerships with trainers, behaviourists and dogs owners with years of experience to draw on. Our relationships give us the resources to retrain or rehabilitate our rescue dogs if needed, so they make the best possible transition into their new homes.

WBR works on 4 “R” principals:

  • Rescue
  • Rehabilitate
  • Retrain
  • Rehome

While our dogs are in foster care, they are given basic training and socialisation. They are provided structure and boundaries to prepare them for their new homes.

WBR foster carers, who are experienced in particular breeds, teach the dogs basic manners – sit, stay, wait for food and how to walk on a lead.  The dogs are part of the family and are exposed to a variety of situations. If a dog shows an ability to work, they are trialled on sheep or cattle and can be rehomed to a farm environment if that is suitable.

WBR is also involved in community events to promote responsible dog ownership.