Hooray, if you’ve reached this page it means you are considering adopting a WBR dog. Please read the information here and complete the WBR Adoption Form.

The steps involved in adopting a dog from WBR are as follows:

  • Fall in love with a WBR dog
    See all WBR’s dogs on Pet Rescue
  • Complete the WBR Adoption Form
    Filling out an Adoption Form does not oblige you to adopt the dog. It simply allows WBR to collect some background information for a discussion with you about the dog you are interested in and its suitability for your situation.
  • Have a chat
    A WBR representative will contact you to discuss your application (this is usually the dog’s foster carer). This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the dog and for the foster carer to learn more about your requirements and discuss the suitability of the selected dog.
  • Meet-and-greet
    This is where you meet the dog. We encourage other household members (two and four-legged) to meet the dog.
  • Yard check
    A WBR representative will conduct a yard check to ensure the yard is suitable for the dog and provide suggestions for any specific requirements of that dog. This is arranged at a time that suits you and usually only takes five minutes.
  • Adoption
    After signing the WBR Adoption Contract and making the payment, the dog joins your family! Dogs are offered with a two week trial period to ensure a good match. WBR representatives are available during this period to answer any questions, and provide support  as your dog settles into its new home (there is no trial period for puppies).
  •  Happily ever after!