Bernie and Col

These two little boys were presented to a vet surgery. Thankfully, their veterinary nurse contacted us and very kindly offered to be their WBR foster carer.

30 July

mudgee pups July 30-0It appears these pups have possibly fallen from a motor vehicle.  They both have some injuries but they are now in the very best of hands, and will be receiving all of the love, care and treatment that they deserve.

“They just need some love, and I have plenty of that,”  their new foster mum tells us.

We have named these boys after two of WBR’s wonderful supporters. Meet Bernie and Col.

First things first when coming into care – bath, pyjamas, meet the cat, rest.

mudgee pups July 30-1  mudgee pups July 30

mudgee pups July 30-withcat mudgee pups July 30-2

31 July

mudgee pups July 31Bernie and Col wake up in foster care with WBR.

“Well what a great night! They slept solidly for 5 hours… We have had breakfast and are sitting outside enjoying some sun before I go to work! I expected to be up all night hearing puppy cries but Col and Bernie were great!”

mudgee pups July 31-brekkyBoth pups are a lot brighter today. Bernie’s eye and head will take a while to heal. Col, the one with the sore leg, still has a way to go healing and trusting people, but they’re both coming out of their shells more now.


6 August

Bernie Col playCol and Bernie are just little bundles of joy and energy now. They eat their food (and everyone else’s if they are quick enough) like it’s going out of fashion! Because they are now warm and full and on the mend they have discovered how to play! Bernie does most of the yapping but Col is starting to really blossom! Their coats are shinier, their tails wiggle all the time (well, Col’s stump does) and as much as they love their foster family, they don’t cry when left by themselves. They must know they aren’t really alone – there is puppy love aplenty!

7 August

It appears Col (L) has decided he would like to be a model and Bernie (R) wants to be a pro wrestler.

mudgee pups 7 aug 1 mudgee pups 7 aug 2

9 August

We can’t enough of these two. Their personalities are continuing to shine.

From their foster carer:

Bernie 9 Aug“Bernie is the boss and the trouble maker. He loves to be the food piggy and start all the rumbles with Col and the cats. He isn’t afraid of anything and is the more outgoing of the two. He does love a cuddle. He will flop down so you can rub him and he’ll try to climb your legs for a snuggle.”

Col 9 Aug“Col is a little more reserved and a bit smaller. He is happier to sit in the sun and take life in. He also loves to pick up leaves and sticks in his mouth! Col is gentle but is learning to stand up for himself…  and so are his ears”

20 August

The boys went back to the vet today – it is three weeks since they were taken into care from there.

“What a big day for the boys! Today I took them to the vet clinic. They got wormed again, got their first vaccination and a bath. Bernie weighed in at 6.1kg and Col at 4.3g. They were adored by everyone! They were perfect in the car. They just curled up next to me and watched me drive and they didn’t carry on in their cage at the clinic. They were very good quiet puppies. The vet, who looked at them when they were first brought in, didn’t recognise them because they look so good now.”

These photos show how well Bernie’s face is healing (top row). Col is as handsome as ever (bottom row).

bernie 2 Aug 19 bernie 1 19 Aug
Col 19 Aug col 1 19 Aug

19 September
This cheeky pair have come a long way since arriving at WBR. They are happy, playful, confident, well socialised nuggets bundles of joy.

25 September

ColAdoptedWonderful news for Col – he found his forever home. He has been renamed “Wayne” and lives with another cattle dog cross youngster called “Bruce”.

His new family sent this message on his first night: “Thank you so very much for introducing little nugget Wayne into our lives, and for taking such good care of him. We are already very much in love with him! Hopefully Bernie will find his home too very soon.”

4 October

bernieDear Bernie was adopted at the RSPCA NSW Rescue Dog Adoption Day in Glebe. Happy life with your new family, big guy.