Here we followed the progress of dear Bruce, who came into care with WBR from a pound on 18 August. He arrived very timid with a full ring of missing fur around his neck presumably from being chained up. Click on the photos for a larger view.

18 August

Bruce 1 Aug 23At first sight, Bruce appeared to be an elderly gent, likely to be over ten years old. He carried his head low, he was underweight, he moved slowly and his hair was matted and bald in patches. Vet examination however revealed that this ‘old gent’ might actually be ‘middle aged’.

21 August

Bruce’s foster carer is gradually gaining his trust. When he first arrived, Bruce would cringe and shut his eyes when being patted.

Bruce 2 Aug 23“Slowly, he is starting to come around to me. After a few days, I started getting tail wags, and now I am greeted with a happy dance in the morning which is so very good to see. However, he still has times when he sinks back into what I can only describe as sadness.” – Bruce’s foster carer

1 September

Bruce 3 Aug 23After two weeks, Bruce is allowing contact with his foster carer’s husband, however there must be a significant food reward involved. He shows signs that he is uncomfortable being that close, but is slowly learning that people, especially men, can be trusted.

October 2014

bruceGentle soul Bruce has found a very special home with a family who are dedicated to working with him. We are so thankful that there are people who will take on dogs like Bruce and have the patience to help them flourish. Renamed “Flash”, we wish this special dog a happy-rest-of-your-life.