Here we follow the progress of Chad, affectionately known as “Lord Chadwick”, who came into care with WBR on 26 July with a matted coat and some health issues that required investigation. See the WBR Facebook page for updates on our dogs.

July 26

chad-head shot 26 julyThis boy is very sensitive in the tail area but has tolerated a much needed bath and brush.

He is wary of a raised hand but if you can get to his side when he is not looking and start patting, he stands still and enjoys it!

He is a bit wobbly on his feet which will be investigated with a vet.

“We bathed his back half today, and will do the front half tomorrow. He hates it, but we’ve brushed off a pillowful of matted fur. He has the wisest eyes.” Chad’s foster carer

July 28

Chad-front viewChad was taken to the vet today. He is on pain medication and antibiotics along with a couple of supplements to improve his health. It appears that he has a urinary tract infection that is being treated now he is in care with WBR.

Also, he will need to reduce his weight from 24kg to around 20kg.

chad-body shot 26 july

The vet will monitor his balance issue, which will hopefully improve as his general health improves. She is confident with treatment, a good diet and some supplements, Chad will come ahead in leaps and bounds.

We are looking at around a 2-3 month timeframe for his treatment.

Underneath his winter coat we actually think he is a blue or grey Border Collie. We can’t wait to see it fall out and a beautiful summer one come in its place.

3 August

Chad is being brushed often now. Previously he had to be lifted because his legs would not work properly and he lost balance easily.

We are pleased to report that he is now starting to trot around and is allowing more contact with people.

7 August

Chad playing 7 augIt seems Chad is determined to shed those pounds before summer! He gets puffed very quickly but has started to play with his foster brother.


1 September

Chad had a haircut today. This will give him an opportunity to grow a healthy new coat, now that he is on a nutritious diet. We look forward to seeing what colour his coat will be – chocolate, grey, blue, taupe… we still can’t be sure.

Chad after haircut 1 sept Chad after haircut-2 1 sept Chad after haircut-3 1 sept