Would you like to make a donation to help a WBR rescue dog? Monetary donations, items for our dogs and your support of our fundraising activities are all gratefully accepted.

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Monetary donations

Dontations are solely used to buy supplies for the WBR dogs in care and any donation over $2.00 is fully tax deductible.

Here are examples of how donations help:

$10.00 buys worming and flea treatment for a dog leaving the pound and coming into care with WBR

$20.00 buys a collar, lead and treats for a dog in foster care to help with its training

$30.00 buys a bag of good quality kibble for a growing puppy or active working dog in foster care

$50.00 buys a coat for a mature dog needing extra warmth in foster care

As well as the routine costs of caring for our dogs, unexpected costs can always arise, usually for veterinarian treatment, for example to look after a dog that arrives in poor health and needs some extra care.

You may wish to support WBR’s work with a one-off payment, or opt for a contribution on a regular basis.

You can provide support for WBR’s work in the following ways:
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Direct deposit from your bank account:

St George Bank
BSB:     112-879
Account number:   476 485 058
Account name:    4R rescue T/as  WBR

Via our Online Store

Items to help care for our dogs, such as collars, bedding, food toys and other items are always helpful and welcome. Please contact us for details of drop off points.

Supporting our fundraising

Supporting WBR’s fundraising helps us give something back to you too.

You can buy some bling or Merchandise. One of our tireless volunteers runs this WBR Online Store. You can not only look good, but feel good too, knowing you are helping WBR to continue to rescue! The items are constantly changing, so make sure you keep checking to see what’s available: WBR Online Store

You can visit our eBay store. All proceeds from the items listed go to WBR’s dogs in care: WBR eBay page

Shoot The Dog –  Shoot The Dog is an exciting opportunity for any ShootTheDogLOGO-orig.Dog lover to have their beloved dog photographed by Living Image Photography for an exclusive coffee table book to be released in coming Months. This is a follow up of the first edition of the very successful Shoot The Dog Coffee Book. Shoot the Dog Photography are looking for Australia’s cutest dogs of all breeds to star in an exclusive, beautifully designed, hard cover coffee table book celebrating the love of dogs. Entry into the book will be available to a limited number of clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and Brisbane. “The fundraising part” – a $100 participation fee is required upon acceptance of your application. Your participation fee is transferred to WBR.  On Booking you simply advise referral was via WBR and the booking fee is donated in full. Once Shoot the Dog Volume Two is published the book will be available for you to purchase.  Click here for more information.

WBR is a fully registered charity – ABN 726 008 102 13