Lacey – arrived May 2014

Here we follow the progress of Lacey who went from a scared, skinny soul to a happy, healthy girl who likes to wear pink bling! See the WBR Facebook page for updates on other WBR dogs.

22 May

Lacey came to us from the Warwick pound severely underweight and terrified of people. She spent her first, safe night in the care of WBR with a full belly and a warm bed to sleep on.

Lacey 22 May 1 Lacey 22 May 1

1 June

Lacey lounge 1 juneAfter spending a little over a week convincing her it was okay to be in the same room as people, Lacey surprised everyone by jumping up on the couch (ever so cautiously) and having a little snuggle with her foster carer until she eventually fell asleep.

7 June

Lacey’s first walk on the leash with her foster sister. She wasn’t too keen on it at first, but after a few days she was doing it like a pro.

Pic 4 Lacey walking 7 June

10 June

Lacey with man 10 June“We thought she may be scared of men but this is how she likes to lay with my partner all the time, lol.”  – Lacey’s foster carer


20 June
Lacey 20 June

Every single day she gets a little bit more trusting and confident.



22 June

And some days she is just silly 🙂

Lacey 22 June  Lacey 22 June

15 July

Pic 10Lacey has grown so much and now is a regular at the dog park. She just loves chasing the other dogs around and true to her working dog breeding, she herds them constantly.


8 August

Lacey then and now 8 AugLacey is now like a completely different dog – from scared and thin to confident and crazy (in a good way). She is happy, healthy, no longer scared of humans and she loves like a true rescue dog, unconditionally.