This is one of WBR’s favourite pages. Here are some of the dogs we have rehomed.

There were many wonderful outcomes for our dogs from the RSPCA Rescue Dog Adoption Days in Brisbane and Sydney. Here are just a few of the dogs who were fortunate to find new, loving homes at these events.

tazz bernie Olive adopt xabi barney dusty maggie winnie 1 ollie o-puppies heath banjo


Remember Bernie and Col, the pups presented to a vet having possibly fallen from a car? Col, now “Wayne” has fallen on his feet this time! “Thank you so very much for introducing little nugget Wayne into our lives, and for taking such good care of him. We are already very much in love with him!”

Josie and Chief headshotWe are thrilled Miss Josie (R) has found her forever home. She’s living with a friend who looks more like her than her own litter mates did! What are the chances of that?


ghost camoflagueGhost is fitting right in (or is that “blending” in?) his new home. We couldn’t be happier.



Abbie 10AugustRemember Abbie – the youngster who arrived at WBR with demodex (mange)? She was adopted by her foster carer! Follow her amazing transformation and you’ll see why she won the heart of her foster carer. Abbie’s story…

sailor handsome 3Sailor is another WBR rescue dog who found his forever home with his foster carer. Sailor, who had spent most of his life on a chain, now enjoys life with other dogs, a large yard to explore freely and regular expert grooming. Sailor’s story…

Billie“Billie is beautiful and surprising us every day with his smarts. He has stolen everyone’s hearts… including everyone at the park!” His foster carer is happy too. She says, “we found him the perfect home!”


Belle / MillyMilly (formerly Belle) was adopted by a beautiful family in Vic.
“Doggy trainer extraordinaire Holly and super pup Milly passed puppies class today. Onwards and upwards to Basic 1 training as of next week!”

EbonyEbony has found her forever home. Good luck beautiful girl.



CobyCoby (R) has made himself right at home with his big brother Harley.



cooperBall-mad Cooper ended up in a home with a boy who plays tennis and a half court in the backyard! He is most helpful collecting the stray balls.


jigsaw2From being found on Xmas Eve in a roadside drain, skinny and covered in ticks and fleas to living a wonderful life with a fantastic family who adore him. Click on the photo to see Jigsaw’s look of contentment.


ShilohShiloh (L) in her new home. Shiloh’s family have changed her name to Amy. “She is an angel and there is no way we are giving her back. She is part of our family forever!”.


JetJet’s new mum says he is “an angel!”




Kirra and ZoeLittle Kirra had her meet and greet and it was love at first sight. Zoe, who is 11, didn’t want to cuddle any other puppies, just Kirra. She is off to a wonderful new life in NSW.


Gemma-bodyJemma has camping adventures in store. She even has her own seat in the van. “Jemma is progressing in leaps and bounds (literally!)… We have been playing ball in the back garden and having ‘chill-out’ sessions in the van, to get her used to being in there… She learns quickly and is an absolute delight.”

Tucker close up“Tucker is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you for everything… this is a really nice thing you are doing fostering these dogs. Just awesome! Thank you and if you are ever up this way, please let us know and drop by for a coffee so you can see the life he is living (having a ball). Cheers.”

toby adoption“We loved Toby from the first moment we met him.  Thank you to WBR for finding him and introducing us to him. We will forever be advocates of the great work you do – rescuing beautiful dogs, such as Toby, and ensuring they have the best possible chance of thriving in their new homes.”