WBR’s people

WBR is active in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and ACT and growing!

We acknowledge and appreciate the enormous contribution of our volunteers. Quite simply, WBR would not exist without them.

We are thrilled with what we’ve been able to achieve so far for the working dogs we have successfully rehomed and the dogs we have been able to take out of pounds and currently have in foster care.


Some of WBR’s volunteers – these people are awesome

Our foster carers are a key part of WBR’s ability to save dogs, but they can be a shy bunch who’d rather stay behind the scenes and “just help the dogs”.

Fortunately some members of the WBR foster carer family were happy to be in front of the camera. Meet some of our foster carer’s helpers below.

We also recognise that WBR carers’ own dogs play a huge part in caring for rescue dogs so we’ve made a page especially for them. Meet some of WBR carers’ own dogs here.

foster with childrenOne of WBR’s youngest foster family members provides wonderful experience for our dogs whilst they are in WBR’s care.

Supervised interaction with children in foster care helps prepare foster dogs for new homes with young families. This WBR foster dog and this young WBR foster carer could only be described as “inseperable” during the time they spent together before she found her forever home.

Exposure to a range of experiences helps prepare WBR dogs for a range of situations they may encounter in their future homes. Here are some of the other members of the WBR foster family who help give the WBR dogs lessons on how to behave when they meet.

Chhoks cow dog with cat